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Dive In Youth Ministry -
Dive In Youth Ministry
What is the Life Book?
Part 1 is God’s story before Jesus shows up on the scene. It’s a quick
re-telling of the first part of the Bible before Jesus arrives. It explains
how things were great, then went bad and why Jesus has to come make
things right.

Part 2 is straight from the Bible. It’s the story of Jesus while He was on
Earth. He does some amazing stuff.


This part is about what God’s story means for your life. What does Jesus
have to do with you? What is your role in the world God created? What
does God want from you?


This part gives some help and answers for things you or your friends might be
struggling with. The Bible is full of good answers and guidance for tough stuff in
Note to parents

Parents, did you know that you are number 1?  It’s true!  When teens were asked how much influence they
acknowledged from various sources, 78% of teens surveyed said that their parents have a lot of influence on
them.  That percentage far out measures any other source of influence: 51% friends, 48% the Christian faith,
40% siblings, and 27% clergy.   The message is clear.  Parents, your role in the spiritual formation of your
teens as well as every other aspect of their lives is essential.

In the more recent MTV / AP "happiness" poll of American youth, kids say "spending time with
my family" is by far the one thing that makes them most happy in life.  "Parents are also at the
top of their hero pyramid--almost a third (29%) list their mother as the person they 'admire
most,' and one in five (21%) say the same about their father."2  That may not seem like a high
percentage, but it is the highest percentage anyone received.  So whether you realize it or not
and whether you believe or not the truth is youth love, respect, and look up to their parents
more than anyone else.    

Further, "research overwhelmingly identifies the family as the most important faith field in a
young person's life.  We are more likely to attend church as adults if we participated in church
and Sunday School as children--but congregational influence pales beside the influence of
families on developing faith...'It is religious training in the home that appears to [best predict
adult church attendance]: family devotions as a child are the best predictor of adult
attendance, followed by seeing one's parents read the Bible to the child'...Two out of three
regular churchgoers come from families in which religion was very important."3     

We see our role as your partners by amplifying and encouraging your efforts and helping you
become your kids main spiritual mentors any way we can.  Let us know how we can do that

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