Romania Partnership- We are partnering with the Open Door Foundation in Bucharest, Romania (http:
// and the Tigmandru Church of the Nazarene in Tigmandru, Romania  (see their Facebook
Biserica Nazarineanului din Tigmandru Romania).  We are providing prayer and financial support as well
as other opportunities to be personally involved in the work going on there.  

Our theme is- "Living on Romania Time"

The Open Door provides a safe place and many programs for survivors of human trafficking.  The Tigmandru
church services 80+ children from the village with educational help, meals, life skills training and Biblical

In his prayer a couple of weeks ago Pastor Wayne prayed concerning the Romania Partnership, "Father this is
exciting!"  It is!  And it is being affirmed to us that this is of the Lord.  Just look at what has developed so far!!  
Here are some the Living on Romania Time initiatives:

•80 scarves are being made for the children of Tigmandru several people in the church and others connected to
the church.  
UPDATE We have over 120 scarves made!
•We will have monthly or bi-monthly conversations with Pastor Magda of the Tigmandru COTN and Monica of the
Open Door Foundation.
 UPDATE Our next conversation with Monica is this Sunday September 15th.
•We have a clock set to Romania time in the church foyer to remind us to pray.
•A refrigerator magnet with our theme on it was made available to everyone to remind us to pray for Romania.
•Six are interested in going to Romania on a Work & Witness trip.
•Some are writing letters to the girls at the Open Door Foundation and to the children in Tigmandru.
•Blankets for the babies in the Baby Program in Tigmandru are being made by Liz Smith.
•Financial Support
*Kid’s VBS offering- We received almost $600!  This is enough to sponsor a child for an entire year.  
More money came in and now we are able to sponsor two children.
*Offerings to support Open Door and the children’s program in Tigmandru will be received twice.  
ar Wash Fundraiser- UPDATE We raised nearly $400 for the Open Door Foundation- the shelter and program
for survivors of human trafficking.  

*Easter / Christmas goodie bags for Tigmandru
•Prayer Support
*Shared requests
*Prayer meetings with Raymore New Vision COTN-
UPDATE- We had the first of two scheduled prayer
 About 50 people came and participated in the meal and prayer meeting.

Sunday September 8th at 6 p.m. at Raymore New Vision COTN- A meal will be provided by Raymore.
Sunday October 6th at 6 p.m. at Grandview COTN
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